33nd Geneva Week
05-09 December 2016

The 33rd Geneva Week for WTO Non-Resident Members and Observers will be held at the WTO from 5 to 9 December 2016. Participants will be briefed on the current work in the WTO. This will include presentations on the Agriculture, NAMA, Services, Rules and DSU negotiations, the Small Economies’ and LDCs’ Work Programmes, the Committee on Trade and Development, and TRIPS.

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Participants will have an opportunity to interact with the Director‑General as well as with the General Council Chairman. Other briefings during the week will focus, inter alia, on recent developments dispute settlement rulings of particular interest to developing countries, E‑Commerce, RTAs and the multilateral trading system, the 2016 World Trade Report on SMEs, Trade Facilitation and the Aid-for-Trade Monitoring and Evaluation Exercise. Participants will also be able to attend a meeting of the General Council.

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