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Seminar on government facilitation of e-commerce for development

A seminar on electronic commerce was held under the auspices of the Committee on Trade and Development on 14 June 2001. 

The proceedings were intended to serve as an input into the Committee's consideration of the issue of electronic commerce as part of the overall WTO Work Programme. Participation was open to WTO Members and Observers. The theme of the seminar was “Government Facilitation of E-commerce for Development”. 

Officials from developing and developed country governments as well as representatives of other international organizations and the private sector made presentations in the four sessions on regulation and deregulation, promotion of modern information and communication technologies, education and information, and government coordination. 

The seminar concentrated on what governments can do for a country to benefit from modern information and communication technologies in general and e-commerce in particular. Most of the presentations made and papers circulated are already available on this Website. The remaining presentations will shortly be added.

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