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A4.2 Article 4.11 of the DSU — Replies to requests to be joined in ongoing consultations

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Communication from the Chairman of the Dispute Settlement Body


3 August 2000

With reference to your comments regarding the need to circulate not only requests for consultations (Article 4.3 of the DSU) and requests to be joined in consultations (Article 4.11 of the DSU), but also the various responses to such requests to be joined into consultations, I have looked into the matter and advised the Secretariat that it should resort to its previous practice of circulating a Note identifying Members accepted to participate in consultations pursuant to Article 4.11 of the DSU, where such information has been made available to the Secretariat.



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This interactive training module is based on the “Handbook on the WTO Dispute Settlement System” published in 2004. The second edition of this handbook published in 2017 can be found at here.

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