Digital technologies and trade


The WTO participated in a multi-agency dialogue in 2021 on the latest digital technologies to advance sustainable trade and environmental transparency. The WTO's Environmental Database contains all environment-related notifications submitted by WTO members as well as environmental measures and policies mentioned in the Trade Policy Reviews of WTO members.

Dialogue on digital cooperation

In preparation for the UN World Data Forum 2021 in Bern, a series of Cross-sectoral Dialogues on Digital Cooperation were organized in Geneva.

The United Nations Environment Programme, the WTO, the Geneva Environment Network, the Permanent Mission of Switzerland to the United Nations in Geneva and the Geneva Internet Platform - in cooperation with host organizations and other supporting organizations - organized the Sixth Dialogue of the Road to Bern via Geneva on Environmental Data.

The dialogue covered the theme “Using data and digital technologies to advance sustainable trade and environmental transparency”. It showcased the latest digital sustainable trade and environment transparency concepts and tools, bringing in the perspectives of governments, businesses and other stakeholders on challenges, opportunities and enabling policies.

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