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Webinar on the Moratorium on Customs Duties on Electronic Transmissions

On 10 December 2019, Members adopted a decision on the Work Programme on Electronic Commerce (WT/L/1079). In that decision they agreed to reinvigorate the Work Programme and to renew the practice of not imposing customs duties on electronic transmissions until MC12. They also agreed to have structured discussions on all trade-related topics of interest brought forward by Members, including on scope, definition and impact of the moratorium on customs duties on electronic transmissions.

To better inform Members' discussions, the WTO Secretariat is organizing a workshop that will look at different aspects of the moratorium. The workshop will bring together various stakeholders including Members, international organizations, research institutions and business representatives. The participation of capital-based officials is encouraged


I. Opening Remarks


  • Ambassador David Walker (New Zealand), General Council Chair

II. Quantifying the impact of the moratorium

10:10 ľ 11:30

What efforts have been made to quantify cross-border trade in digitizable goods? What methods are available for quantifying the effects of the moratorium? What have been the results?

Moderator: Robert Koopman, Director, Economic Research and Statistics Division, WTO

III. Economic development and the moratorium

11:30 ľ 12:30

What are the effects of the moratorium on business and economic development?

Moderator: Ambassador Sunanta Kangvalkulkij (Thailand)

  • Ambassador Ahmad Makaila (Chad), WTO LDC Group Coordinator
  • Devi Ariyani, Executive Director, Indonesia Services Dialogue Council
    Speaking notes
  • Abhijit Das, Head, Centre for WTO Studies, Indian Institute of Foreign Trade
    Speaking notes
  • Raoul Renard, Manager, Government Relations, ICC

IV. Conclusions and way forward


  • Robert Koopman, Director, Economic Research and Statistics Division, WTO



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