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The Committee on Trade and Environment (‘regular’ CTE)

The 1994 Ministerial Decision on Trade and Environment created the WTO’s Committee on Trade and Environment (CTE), which is open to the entire WTO membership, with some international organizations as observers. The committee’s mandate is broad, and it has contributed to identifying and understanding the relationship between trade and the environment in order to promote sustainable development.

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The CTE’s 1994 work programme
The work programme covers a range of relevant issues, from trade and the environment in general, liberalization and trade barriers, and taxes, to individual sectors such as services and intellectual property, and relations with environmental organizations.


The Doha mandate
The 2001 Doha Declaration has a section dealing with the committee’s regular work. The focus is on effects of environmental measures on market access, the relevant provisions of the intellectual property agreement, labelling requirements for environmental purposes, technical assistance, sharing expertise for national environmental reviews and environmental aspects of the Doha negotiations.


Recent discussions



List of documents of the CTE work can be found here.

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