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Stories from the Ocean

The WTO Secretariat has undertaken a number of regional workshops and related events to emphasize the importance of the WTO's Agreement on Fisheries Subsidies for ocean sustainability. A series of photo essays featuring on-the-ground activities of various stakeholders in the countries visited brings to life the importance of protection of the environment for the livelihoods of people on the front lines around the world.


Oman's digital innovations in fish trade

Fish is the second most important natural resource for Oman after oil and gas, making the country one of the largest fish producers in the Arab region. WTO staff learned about the country's digital innovations in fish trade as part of a visit on 14-17 February 2023 for a technical workshop on fisheries subsidies for the region. During the visit, Director-General Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala also met with ministers from the Gulf.


From hook to pan: Tanzania's fish market hub

At the Dar Es Salam Integrated Fish Market Complex in Tanzania, the day's catch is landed, traded and turned into a filling meal for hundreds of customers on the same site. WTO staff saw this at first hand during a visit held as part of a regional workshop on fisheries subsidies on 2-5 May 2023.


Sustainable fishing in Malaysia

Members of the WTO Secretariat visited Malaysia on 23-25 May 2023 for a WTO regional workshop on fisheries subsidies and had the opportunity to visit a fishing port in Sungai Sembilang. The following photos provide a peek into the people and daily tasks that make up broader efforts to ensure sustainable fishing in Malaysia.

Côte d'Ivoire

Fisheries in Côte d'Ivoire

Two hundred and sixty million people worldwide depend on marine fishing for a living. Twelve million of them live in Africa. They are people like Charles and his wife Marie who are part of the coastal fishing community in Sassandra, Côte d'Ivoire. The WTO's work on fisheries subsidies aims to prevent the depletion of global fish stocks while recognizing the needs of vulnerable fisher men and women.

Trinidad and Tobago

Fishing and fish trade in Trinidad and Tobago

When a team from the WTO Secretariat visited Trinidad and Tobago on 17-19 January 2023 for a workshop with Caribbean officials on the Agreement on Fisheries Subsidies, they seized the opportunity to have a good look around the local fishing facilities. The following photos provide insights into the importance of marine fishing and fish trade in Trinidad and Tobago.

Fiji and the Pacific

Safeguarding fisheries in Fiji and the Pacific

Members of the WTO Secretariat visited Fiji on 16-18 November 2022 for a high-level Pacific Regional Event on Fisheries Subsidies. This comprised a two-day workshop with Pacific officials on the Agreement on Fisheries Subsidies and a meeting between WTO Director-General Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala and Pacific Islands ministers. The following photos provide insights into efforts on the ground to safeguard the ocean and its vital significance to local people's way of life.



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