Seminar on Liberalization in Computer and Related Services: Sharing of Country Experiences

A number of Members interested in computer related services hosted a seminar on the merits of making commitments and maintaining a liberal environment for the development of this important sector. The Seminar featured presentations both from government and industry representatives and exchanges of country experiences. Speakers offered insights on the role of computer and related services in the development of the IT industry and other manufacturing industries.

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Part 1

Development of the Computer Related Services Area


ICT Sector in Egypt: Model for Reform

Mr. Amr Hashem
Director, Ministry of Communication and Information & Technology Egypt
> download presentation (Powerpoint format, 4400KB)

For further development in the Computer Related Services

Mr. Akito Toi
Director, Ministry of Economy, Trade & Industry, Japan
> download presentation (Powerpoint format, 236KB)

Part 2

Business realities in Computer Related Services


Computer and Related Services — An Industry Perspective

Mr. Allen Z. Miller
Executive Director
World Information Technology & Services Alliance
> download presentation (Powerpoint format, 4084KB)

Benefits of Liberalized CRS to Kenya

Mr. Waudo Siganga
Chairman, Computer Society of Kenya
> download presentation (Powerpoint format, 110KB)

Liberalization in CRS: The Pakistani Experience

Mr. Ahamed Afzal
Director, Domestic Business, Pakistan Software Export Board
> download presentation (Powerpoint format, 143KB)

Mexico Computer Services and Competitiveness

Mr. Jesus Eugenio de la Rosa Ibarra
Director, Confederacion Nacional de Conaras Industriales, Mexico
> download presentation (Powerpoint format, 297KB)

Global Computer Related Services: An Industry Perspective

Mr. Santosh Karagada
Wipro Technologies, India
> download presentation (Powerpoint format, 1329KB)

Part 3

Making Commitments in the GATS


Current Status of Commitments in Computer related Services

Mr. Thomas Chan
Deputy Representative of the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office in Geneva to the WTO, Hong Kong, China
> download presentation (Powerpoint format, 102KB)

Merits of making full commitments in CRS

Mr. Julien Guerrier
Deputy Head of Trade in Services Unit, European Commission
> download presentation (Powerpoint format, 4573KB)