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Analysis and publications

Listed here are documents and publications on trade in services and the WTO. They include papers produced by the WTO Secretariat for the Services Council, analysing trade in a wide range of services sectors.

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Health-Care Systems and the WTO services liberalization back to top

  • Health-Care Systems and the WTO ( 4 pages; 42 KB in Word format) by Rudolf Adlung from the WTO Secretariat, March 2001.
    This reply was written in reaction to several articles published in “The Lancet”. 

Economic effects of services liberalization
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Studies by the WTO’s Economic Research and Analysis Division
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Including “Opening Markets in Financial Services and the Role of GATS”, and “Trade, Finance and Financial Crises”. Visit the Economic Research and Analysis pages.

Statistics on trade in services back to top
> Services Profiles give detailed statistics on key infrastructure services, such as transportation, telecommunications, finance and insurance, with around 100 time series relating to investment, market performance, production, employment and trade.
> Other services statistics are available on the Statistic pages

WTO Secretariat’s papers on services sectors
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Download these documents (which are in MS Word 97 format) individually from the list below.

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  Publications on services

Measuring Trade in Services — A training module

> Interactive course: General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS)

> Manual on Statistics of International Trade in Services

> Guide to the GATS available from the  online bookshop

GATS — Fact and fiction
A brochure aimed at debunking the myths and falsehoods surrounding the GATS and the new negotiations.