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Staff working papers on services

The papers listed below are working papers, and hence they usually represent research in progress. They reflect the opinions of individual staff members, and are the product of professional research. Such research may be conducted in the preparation of Secretariat reports, studies, or informational material for WTO members. These papers are circulated for discussion and comment because critical review of professional research is important to skills maintenance and professional development of Secretariat staff.

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ERSD-2014-21 The Relationship between Services Trade and Government Procurement Commitments: Insights from Relevant WTO Agreements and Recent RTAs
Robert D. Anderson, Claudia Locatelli, Anna Caroline Müller, and Philippe Pelletier
Abstract   Download (pdf format, 92pages, 1140KB, opens in a new window)
ERSD-2013-11 The Tisa Initiative: An Overview of Market Access Issues
Juan A. Marchetti and Martin Roy

Abstract   Download (pdf format, 33 pages, 530KB, opens in a new window)
ERSD-2013-08 How to Design Trade Agreements in Services: Top Down or Bottom Up?
Rudolf Adlung and Hamid Mamdouh

Abstract   Download (pdf format, 20 pages, 208KB, opens in a new window)
ERSD-2012-16 Is there Reciprocity in Preferential Trade Agreements on Services?
Juan Marchetti, Martin Roy, Laura Zoratto

Abstract   Download (pdf format, 23 pages, 155KB, opens in a new window)
ERSD-2011-18 Services Commitments in Preferential Trade Agreements: An Expanded Dataset
Martin Roy

Abstract   Download (pdf format, 18 pages, 290KB, opens in a new window)


Endowments, Power, and Democracy: Political Economy of Multilateral Commitments on Trade in Services
Martin Roy
Abstract   Download (pdf format, 36 pages, 211KB, opens in a new window)


Services Liberalization from a WTO/GATS Perspective: In Search of Volunteers
Rudolf Adlung
Abstract   Download (pdf format, 26 pages, 189KB, opens in a new window)


Liberalization of Air Transport Services and Passenger Traffic
Roberta Piermartini and Linda Rousová
Abstract   Download (pdf format, 31 pages, 251KB, opens in a new window)


Measuring GATS Mode 4 Trade Flows
Joscelyn Magdeleine and Andreas Maurer
Abstract   Download (pdf format, 20 pages, 114KB, opens in a new window)


LDC Poverty Alleviation and the Doha Development Agenda: Is Tourism being Neglected?
Dale Honeck
Abstract   Download (pdf format, 46 pages, 253KB, opens in a new window)


Foreign Banking: Do Countries’ WTO Commitments Match Actual Practices?
James R. Barth, Juan A. Marchetti, Daniel E. Nolle and Wanvimol Sawangngoenyuang
Abstract   Download (pdf format, 59 pages, 231KB, opens in new window)


Determining "likeness" under the GATS: Squaring the circle?
Mireille Cossy
Abstract   Download (pdf format, 53 pages, 245KB, opens in new window)


Services liberalization in the new generation of Preferential Trade Agreements (PTAs):
How much further than the GATS?
Martin Roy, Juan Marchetti, Hoe Lim
Abstract   Download (pdf format, 63 pages, 315KB, opens in new window)


Public Services and the GATS
Rolf Adlung
Abstract   Download (MS Word format, 29 pages, 234KB, opens in new window)


Turning hills into mountains? Current commitments under the GATS and prospects for change
Rudolf Adlung and Martin Roy
Abstract   Download (MS Word format, 32 pages, 1123KB, opens in new window)


Developing countries in the WTO services negotiations
Juan A. Marchetti
Abstract   Download (MS Word format, 43 pages, 594KB, opens in new window)


The GATS turns ten: A Preliminary Stocktaking
Rudolf Adlung
Abstract   Download (MS Word format, 26 pages, 279KB, opens in new window)