Topics handled by WTO committees and agreements
Issues covered by the WTO’s committees and agreements

Workshop on domestic regulation

The purpose of the Workshop is to bring together and inform regulators, trade negotiators, and other relevant officials of the background and progress to date of the work taking place in the Working Party on Domestic Regulation (WPDR), as well as pertinent issues raised in negotiating proposals.

Discussions at the Workshop will be focused exclusively on technical and legal aspects, and will not in any way duplicate or substitute for discussions taking place in the Working Party or in negotiations among delegations.

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Programme - with links to outlines of presentations

Background documentation

GATS Introduction

Introduction to services trade and the WTO agreement

Downloadable files in Word format.

GATS and Domestic Regulation

Article VI:4 of the GATS: disciplines on domestic regulation applicable to all services
International regulatory initiatives in services
Accountancy disciplines
Report on the development of the accountancy disciplines
Decision on accountancy
Decision on domestic regulation