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SPS enhanced informal meeting on Article 6 (regionalization)

This enhanced informal meeting occurred over two half days immediately preceding the regular formal meetings of the SPS Committee (1-2 February). The objective was to provide Members with the opportunity to present and discuss experiences in the area of regionalization and the implementation of Article 6 of the SPS Agreement.

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  • Argentina
    Ms. Diana Maria Guillen
    , Ing Agr. National Director for Plant Health
    SENASA - Argentina
    Regionalization - Practical considerations
    download presentation (Powerpoint format, 144KB)

  • Brazil
    Brazilian Experience on Regionalization
    download presentation (Powerpoint format, 14868KB)

  • European Communities
    Mr. Howard Batho
    , DG Health and Consumer Protection
    The European Communities (EC) Approach to Regionalisation
    download presentation (Powerpoint format, 1510KB)

  • Germany
    Application of regionalisation: Eradication of classical swine fever
    in wild boar - Rhineland-Palatinate - Germany 2002 – 2005

    download presentation (Powerpoint format, 6096KB)

  • Netherlands
    Mr. Martijn Weijtens
    , Deputy CVO The Netherlands
    Avian Influenza in the Netherlands - Outbreak 2003 -Regionalisation
    download presentation (Powerpoint format, 2385KB)

  • OIE
    Mr. David Wilson
    , Director International Trade OIE
    The OIE’s approach to zones and compartments
    download presentation (Powerpoint format, 85KB)

  • Sweden
    Ms. Lena Björnerot
    , Deputy CVO Swedish Board of Agriculture (SBA)
    Newcastle disease (ND) outbreak in Sweden 2003 & 2004
    download presentation (Powerpoint format, 3033KB)

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