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This training module is aimed at anyone who needs a basic understanding of the SPS Handbook. It was developed by WTO specialists on SPS and includes interactive tests which allow you to measure your progress in learning the content. You can navigate through the material using the “BACK” and “NEXT” buttons on each page. Alternatively you can use the “tree” menu in the left margin of each page to jump directly to the sections that interest you. By clicking on the + to open an item you can go directly to the sub-items. In addition to the course material itself, you will find links to reference documents, such as legal texts and other official WTO documents. There is also a popup glossary for related terms.

Please enter your name below so the course can “remember” the answers you have given to the test questions and the last page that you visited. If you cannot complete the course in one go you can come back and sign into the course again (on the same computer), and continue from where you left off.

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Please note: this feature relies on a “cookie” being saved on your computer. If you prefer not to allow cookies you will still be able to browse the course material, but you will not be able to use the test at the end of each section. Also the “Chapters done” indicator at the bottom of each page will not correctly reflect which sections you have visited.



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The WTO encourages the broadest possible dissemination of its information, particularly for educational purposes. Please see the copyright notice for more complete information.

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