Special Meeting on Procedures for Information Exchange

(2-3 November 2004)

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DAY ONE — 2 November 2004




Opening remarks

Mr. Sudhakar Dalela, Chairman of the TBT Committee



Prior to Notifications

The aim of this session is to exchange experiences on how Members:

  • Ensure coordination at national level;

  • share information on the development of technical regulations and conformity assessment procedures, for instance by publishing a notice in a publication at an early appropriate stage, to enable interested parties in other Members to become acquainted with them; and

  • use electronic databases, for instance newsletters, alerts or web alerts, to facilitate transparency.


Mrs. Ana María Vallina, Chile

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Ms. Anne Meininger, United States

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Moderator: Mr. Ahmed Maghawri Diab, Egypt



Preparation and Submission of Notifications

The aim of this session is to exchange experiences on how Members:

  • Comply with notification obligations, including at sub-national level, also with respect to the timing of notifications, so that these are made early enough and leave sufficient time for comments;

  • complete the notification formats;

  • use electronic tools to facilitate the preparation and submission of notifications; and

  • share translated documents.


Ms. Andrea Spencer, Canada

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Mrs. Devitra Maharaj-Dash, Trinidad and Tobago

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Mrs. Rampaipan Nakasatis, Thailand

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Moderator: Mr. Juan Antonio Dorantes Sanchez, Mexico



General Discussion



Processing and Circulation of Notifications

The aim of this session is to illustrate:

  • How notifications are processed by the WTO Secretariat; and

  • how to use the WTO web-site, the TBT web-site, the CRN Database.

Panellists: WTO Secretariat

Mrs. Stefania Bernabè

> Download: PowerPoint presentation 1MB

Mr. John Dickson



Handling of Comments

The aim of this session is to exchange experiences on the handling of comments received, including the possibility of sharing them on a voluntary basis.


Mr. Cyril Hanquez, European Communities

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Moderator: Ms. Grace Tanno, Brazil



Transparency obligations under the Code of Good Practice

The aim of this session is to is to share experiences on:

  • How standardizing bodies comply with the transparency obligations set out in the Code of Good Practice, including the publication of notices as set out in paragraph J; and

  • the work of the ISO/IEC Information Centre.


Ms. Salmah Mohd. Nordin, Malaysia

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Mr. Evgueni Patrikeev, ISO

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Moderator: Mr. Tobias Nussbaum, Canada


General Discussion


DAY TWO — 3 November 2004


The Functioning of Enquiry Points

The aim of this session is for Members:

  • To exchange experience on how enquiry points established under Articles 10.1-10.3 answer enquiries from other Members and interested parties in other Members, as well as provide the relevant documents; and

  • to share information on any other services provided by TBT enquiry points.


Ms. Annalina Camboim, Brazil

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Mrs. Guo Lisheng, China

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Mr. N'Dungu Evanson, Kenya

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Moderator: Mrs. María Eugenia Mesa, Colombia



Benefiting from the Transparency provisions: Dissemination of Information

The aim of this session is to exchange experiences on:

  • The dissemination of notifications from other Members to domestic interested parties (e.g. industry) and the use of electronic tools to facilitate such dissemination;

  • the treatment of any feed-back received from domestic parties; and

  • the preparation of comments on other Members' regulations (including the language used for comments).


Mrs. Danielle Schont Avenel, Mexico

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Mr. Ming- Shan CHEN, Chinese Taipei

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Mr. George Opiyo, Uganda

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Moderator: Ms. Suzanne Troje, United State


General Discussion and Concluding Remarks