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TBT Committee Ninth Triennial Review (adopted in November 2021)

The TBT Committee is mandated to review the operation and implementation of the TBT Agreement on a triennial basis. The Ninth Triennial Review process started in October 2020, with members submitting ideas on new work for the Committee. The review, adopted in November 2021, resulted in a set of recommendations for these new areas of work.

Previous Triennial Review reports

Relevant documents



Ninth Triennial Review Report

  • Ninth Triennial Review Report adopted at the November 2021 meeting of the TBT Committee

Ninth Triennial Review Proposals

Secretariat Briefing for new Delegates on the Triennial Review Process

Tuesday 16 February 2021, 14:00-15:00 (Geneva time)

Virtual via Zoom:



TBT Agreement Handbook

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