Past and current activities of observer organizations

This page contains documents submitted by observer organizations to the TBT Committee regarding their experiences with TBT-related technical assistance.

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International Organization for Standardization  back to top

The ISO Committee on developing country matters (DEVCO) handles special needs and requirements of developing countries in the fields of standardization and related areas. It provides a forum for the discussion of all aspects of standardization and related activities in developing countries, and for the exchange of experience among the developed and developing countries, as well as among developing countries. There is also an ISO Programme for Developing Countries (DEVPRO) for capacity building.
G/TBT/W/125, (download in Word format, 1 page; 30KB)
G/TBT/W/158, (download in Word format, 5 pages; 50KB)


United Nations Industrial Development Organization  back to top

As part of their integrated package of functional and sectoral support services to industry, UNIDO offers comprehensive technical assistance services areas such as standardization, conformity assessment, metrology, quality management, productivity improvement and participation in international forums. Technical cooperation services are designed and implemented to comply with UNIDO quality criteria.
G/TBT/W/168, (download in Word format, 7 pages; 50KB)