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Overview of trade facilitation work in 2004

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Following a series of consultations under the auspices of the General Council, Members agreed to launch negotiations on Trade Facilitation in a decision adopted on 1 August 2004 (1). In line with the modalities for the negotiations set out in Annex D of that decision, the Trade Negotiations Committee, at a session of 12 October, established a Negotiating Group on Trade Facilitation and appointed its Chair.

A first meeting of the Negotiating Group was held soon thereafter (15 November), leading to the adoption of a Work Plan and schedule of meetings (TN/TF/1). Members also agreed to invite relevant international organizations to attend formal sessions of the Group on an ad hoc basis. A second meeting took place on 22 and 23 November. It saw Members engage in an educational and stocktaking process, with contributions also being made on the agreed agenda of the Group.


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WT/L/579, Decision adopted by the General Council on 1 August 2004. back to text