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Promoting Access to Medical Technologies and Innovation:
Intersections between public health, intellectual property and trade



This publication is the product of extensive collaboration between the WHO, WIPO and WTO Secretariats, led by the Department of Public Health, Innovation and Intellectual Property in the WHO, the Global Challenges Division in WIPO and the Intellectual Property Division in the WTO. Research, authoring and substantive review was done by: Hans Georg Bartels, Peter Beyer, Roger Kampf, Anatole Krattiger, Zafar Mirza, Antony Taubman and Jayashree Watal.

The contributions of many others are warmly acknowledged, in particular: Marco Aleman, Robert Anderson, Philippe Baechtold, Andrew L. Ball, Raffaela G. Balocco, Maryam Bigdeli, Thomas Bombelles, Andrea Bosman, Marie- Charlotte Bouesseau, Mathew Bryan, Alexandra M. Cameron, Andrew K. Cassels, Jorge Castro, Miriam Clados, Mireille Cossy, Carlos Castro, Marti Darlan, Jonathan J. Darrow, Cornelis de Joncheere, Clemens Feinäugle, Carsten Fink, Martin Friede, Martha Friedli, Emmanuelle Ganne, Fiona Gore, Tom Goodwin, Louise Van Greunen, Intan Hamdan, Matthias Helble, Maria Soledad Iglesias-Vega, Ali Jazairy, Fei Jiao, Warren Kaplan, Matthew Kennedy, Mossahid Khan, Mary Kay Kindhauser, Irene Kitsara, Sabine Kopp, Angel Lopez Solanas, Richard Laing, Geidy Lung, Pacyinz T. Lyfoung, Lutz Mailänder, Yukiko Maruyama, Colin Mathers, Sophie Mayer, Anne Mazur, Shanti Mendis, Wolf Meier-Ewert, Lorraine Misquith, Tomoko Miyamoto, Joaquin Montes Rodriguez, Eun-Joo Min, Giovanni Napolitano, Boniface Dongmo Nguimfack, Nuno Pires de Carvalho, Anna Caroline Müller, Clive Ondari, Philippe Pelletier, Joseph H. Perriens, Lembit Rägo, Matthew Rainey, Alex Riechel, Suja Rishikesh Mavroidis, Debbie Roenning, Tavengwa Runyowa, Meghana Sharafudeen, Hanna Steinbach, Robert Terry, Raymundo Valdés, Adriana Velazquez, Berumen, Xavier Vermandele, Hannu Wager, Krisantha Weerasuriya, Wend Wendland, Heike Wollgast and Ning Xu.

Special thanks for editorial and administrative support are due to: Cathy Boyle, Anthony Martin, Ross McRae, Brenda O’Hanlon, Julie N. Reza, Karyn Russell and Gabriela Treso.