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Disputes concerning the TRIPS Agreement

The TRIPS Agreement makes disputes about the respect of the obligations under the Agreement subject to the WTO's dispute settlement procedures (Article 64)

Information on these procedures and the disputes initiated under them can be found on the dispute settlement pages. The documents initiating and completing dispute settlement procedures relating to the provisions of the TRIPS Agreement are circulated in the IP/D series of documents. Other documents relating to such disputes are circulated in the WT/DS series of documents, which are referred to in the IP/D/documents.


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You can perform more sophisticated searches from the Documents Online search facility (opens in new window) by defining multiple search criteria such as document symbol WT/DSxxx/R (where “xxx” is the case number) for panel reports and WT/DSxxx/AB/R (where “xxx” is the case number) for Appellate Body reports (i.e. code number), full text search or document date.