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TRIPS@25 – Virtual Symposium: Celebrating 25 years of the TRIPS Agreement

Geneva, WTO Headquarters

This virtual Symposium reflects on the legal and institutional development and impact of the TRIPS Agreement over 25 years.

Beginning with personal reflections by the first and the current chair of the TRIPS Council, the morning sessions track different aspects of the implementation and operation of the TRIPS Agreement since its inception.

The afternoon sessions then provide a current view on TRIPS and the multilateral IP system in the broad fields of development, digitization and new technologies. The event closes with a round table on "TRIPS 2.0? The TRIPS Agreement as a framework for development in the knowledge economy".


Morning session

Theme I: The impact of TRIPS on the global IP system

11.00 – 11.20

TRIPS and the global IP system

Mr. Antony Taubman, Director, Intellectual Property, Government Procurement and Competition Division (IPD), WTO

11.20 – 13:00

The TRIPS Council – tracking the legal and institutional development of IP systems over 25 years

Moderator: Mr. Wolf Meier-Ewert, Counsellor, IPD, WTO


TRIPS transparency provisions - Lessons from eTRIPS

TRIPS implementation as a guide for public policy – IP issues in Trade Policy Reviews

TRIPS and Technology Transfer - Lessons from the implementation of Article 66.2 in the past 25 years

TRIPS Capacity Building – Article 67 providing a global landscape of technical assistance

Evolution of the TRIPS Agreement – Doha, the Public Health dimension, and subsequent cooperation

25 years of policy insights from TRIPS-related WTO disputes

TRIPS as a benchmark for subsequent norm-setting in international and bilateral treaties

13:00 – 13:15

Questions & Answers

Afternoon session



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