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14 November 2003
WIPO and WTO hold workshop on intellectual property and technology transfer

The World Intellectual Property Organization and WTO held a workshop on intellectual property protection and technology transfer on Monday, 17 November 2003, open to WIPO and WTO members and observer governments.

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The workshop’s objective was to examine in depth evidence regarding the relation between intellectual property rights and the transfer of technology. Speakers and participants included a range of experts from both developed and developing countries.

The subjects discussed was: overview of the issues and evidence concerning intellectual property rights and transfer of technology; concepts and evidence; case studies; competition policy instruments, intellectual property rights and transfer of technology

Speakers included: Prof. Keith Maskus, Colorado University; Prof. François Dessemontet, University of Lausanne; Mr. Pedro Roffe, ICTSD; Dr. Beata Smarzynska, World Bank; Dr. Ashish Arora, Carnegie Mellon University; Mr. Thierry Sueur, Air Liquide, France; Dr. Maripaz Perez, Department of Science and Technology, Philippines; Dr. David Okongwu, NOTAP, Nigeria; Mr. Rodrigo Santos, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Prof. Josef Drexl, University of Munich, Director, Max Planck Institute, Munich; Prof. Fred Abbott, Florida State University, College of Law; Mr. Joseph Seon Hur, Korea Fair Trade Commission.

Programme (Download in Word format, 83KB)