Women and Trade

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Trade policies can affect men and women differently, with women facing higher obstacles to taking part in the global economy and world trade. Increasing women's participation in the labour market could increase countries' productivity and trade opportunities, leading to greater economic diversification, innovation and poverty reduction. Activities of the Informal Working Group and the WTO Secretariat are aimed at incorporating gender issues into the organization's work and promoting women's participation in global trade.


Informal Working Group

The Informal Working Group on Trade and Gender brings together over 120 WTO members and observers seeking to increase women's participation in global trade.

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Capacity building

WTO capacity building on trade and gender aims to support WTO members in their efforts to address trade and gender issues.

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Policy tools

The WTO develops policy tools aimed at supporting members in reviewing their trade policies and national strategies for promoting gender equality through trade.

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Research & data

The WTO looks at trade and gender issues from a legal and economic perspective, placing a particular emphasis on the - impact of trade on women's lives and on how trade policies can support women.

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Resources, events & multimedia

Information on trade and gender events, research papers, reports, publications, policy tools and multimedia content (including videos of conferences, presentations and webinars) is available here.

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