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This second edition reviews progress in all areas of tariff negotiations and renegotiations since the establishment of the GATT in 1947. Since then, international trade in goods has increased dramatically, largely due to efforts by the world’s leading traders to reduce and eliminate tariffs multilaterally.

New developments highlighted in this edition include the successful conclusion of negotiations to expand the duty-free coverage of the Information Technology Agreement (ITA), tariff negotiations in agriculture and non-agricultural market access under the Doha Development Agenda, and the tariff renegotiations regarding successive enlargements of the European Union. The publication also covers tariff negotiations for the accession of new members to the WTO, such as China and the Russian Federation, technical rectifications, and the implementation of changes in the WTO members' schedules of commitments due to the periodic revision of the Harmonized System (HS) used to classify traded goods on a common basis.

The publication reviews the current legal framework of tariff negotiations and renegotiations, the tariff negotiations held in the context of multilateral trade negotiations, and the bilateral and plurilateral negotiations under GATT 1947 and the WTO, including those that have taken place outside the context of tariff conferences and rounds of multilateral trade negotiations. It also explores the renegotiations that have been carried out under various GATT provisions.

Co-published with Cambridge University Press, this edition of "Tariff Negotiations and Renegotiations under the GATT and the WTO" also includes a series of conclusions and recommendations on ways of achieving further tariff liberalization and on updating tariff-related procedures. The book concludes with a selection of important documents, such as key provisions in GATT 1994 and decisions on procedures for tariff renegotiations.

Written by Anwarul Hoda, Chair Professor of the Trade Policy and WTO Research Programme at the Indian Council for Research on International Economic Relations (ICRIER) and former WTO Deputy Director-General, the publication will be of particular interest to negotiators, members of government, trade ministries, economists and academics specialized in trade policy and tariff negotiations.


Co-published with Cambridge University Press in 2018.

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