Ateliers à Genève sur le commerce et le développement (1)

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Semestre de printemps 2016
Horaire: 12:30 to 13:30 (2) Lieu: Maison de la Paix (2 Chemin Eugène Rigot) (3) 

(uniquement en anglais)




Tuesday, 9 February
Petal 2, Room S4

Professor Arnaud Costinot

Micro to Macro: Optimal Trade Policy with Firm Heterogeneity (with A. Rodriguez-Clare and I. Werning)

Tuesday, 15 March
Petal 2, Room S4

Professor Giovanni Maggi
(Yale University)

Learning By Ruling: A Dynamic Model of Trade Disputes (with Bob Staiger)

Tuesday, 19 April
Petal 2, Room S4

Professor Joe Francois
(World Trade Institute)

Carbon Dioxide Emissions and International Trade at the Turn of the Millennium (with O. Fernández-Amador and P. Tomberger) + Appendix

Wednesday, 18 May
Petal 2, Room S4

Hildegunn Kyvik Nordås

The Service Trade Restrictiveness Index: the Trade Effect of Regulatory Differences

Tuesday, 24 May
Petal 2, Room S4

Professor Amit Khandelwal
(Columbia University)

Exporting and Firm Performance: Evidence from a Randomized Trial (with D. Atkin and A. Osman)

Tuesday, 31 May
Petal 2, Room S4

Professor Pol Antras
(Harvard University)

On the Geography of Global Value Chain (with A. de Gortari)

Tuesday, 7 June
Petal 2, Room S4

Victor Kümmritz (Graduate Institute)

Domestic Foundations of Global Value Chains (with C. Beverelli, S. Neumueller and R. Koopman)

Tuesday, 14 June
Petal 2, Room S4

Ankai Xu

Environmental Regulations and Competitiveness: Evidence Based on Chinese Firm Data


The workshop is a joint initiative by the Graduate Institute’s Centre for Trade and Economic Integration (CTEI), UNCTAD, the University of Geneva, and the World Trade Organization.  Its objective is for researchers in the Geneva region working in the area of trade and development to share work and ideas.
2. The workshop begins at 12:30.  A sandwich lunch, courtesy of the Graduate Institute’s Centre on Trade and Economic Integration, will be served from 12:00.
3.  Registration is required for each individual workshop, also for those having WTO accreditation.  To do so, please send an email to GTDW ([email protected]) at the latest one day before the relevant workshop