Base de données sur l'environnement

La base de données de l'OMC sur l'environnement (BDE) contient toutes les notifications liées à l'environnement présentées par les Membres de l'OMC ainsi que les mesures et politiques environnementales mentionnées dans les examens des politiques commerciales des Membres de l'OMC. La base de données est actualisée chaque année.

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The environmental database has been prepared under the WTO Secretariat's own responsibility and is without prejudice to the positions of WTO members or to their rights and obligations under the WTO.


Environment-related notifications

The environmental database consists of two parts since 2009: (i) a report presenting an overall analysis of environment-related notifications and environmental measures mentioned in TPRs; and (ii) an Excel table providing the underlying data used for the analysis.

The Excel table allows the data to be sorted by WTO agreement, WTO member, type of measure, product or environmental objective and for relevant tables and graphs to be generated.


The database is regularly updated. A consolidated version of the EDB covering the period 2009 — 2016 is available for environment-related notifications and measures mentioned in TPRs.


To improve the transparency of WTO's members' trade measures, members are required to report their measures in the form of notifications to the relevant WTO body.

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Examens des politiques commerciales (EPC)

The WTO conducts regular reviews of members' trade policies. For each review, two documents are prepared: a policy statement by the government and a detailed report written independently by the WTO Secretariat.

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Lignes directrices à l'intention des utilisateurs de la BDE

The electronic database allows users to search according to specific criteria - for instance, by member, agreement, type of measure, product, activity, or environmental objective.

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