9 October 1995

ON TARIFFS AND TRADE Special Distribution


Committee on Anti-Dumping Practices




HELD ON 12 JUNE 1995



Chairman: Mr. Mohan Kumar (India)


The following replaces page 1 of document ADP/M/49, dated 26 September 1995:

1. The Committee on Anti-Dumping Practices held a regular meeting on 12 June 1995.

2. The Committee adopted the following agenda:


A. Election of Vice-Chairman 2

B. Legislation and regulations (ADP/1 and addenda) 2

C. Semi-annual reports of anti-dumping actions taken within the period 2

1 July-31 December 1994 (ADP/134 and addenda)

D. Reports on all preliminary or final anti-dumping duty actions (ADP/W/385) 3

E. European Community - Anti-dumping duties on audio cassettes 3

originating in Japan - Report of the Panel (ADP/136)

F. United States - Imposition of anti-dumping duties on imports of 12

seamless stainless steel hollow products from Sweden - Report of

the Panel (ADP/47)

G. United States - Imposition of anti-dumping duties on gray Portland cement 12

and cement clinker from Mexico - Report of the Panel (ADP/82)

H. United States - Anti-dumping duties on imports of stainless steel plate 13

from Sweden - Report of the Panel (ADP/117 and Corr.1)


I. European Community - Anti-dumping investigation on imports 14

of 3.5 inch magnetic disks from Hong Kong (ADP/123;

ADP/M/44, paragraphs 157-167)

J. Guidelines for information provided in the semi-annual reports 14

(ADP/122; ADP/M/44, paragraph 73)

K. Ongoing Panels and other dispute settlement issues 15

L. Other business 15