9 January 1996

ON TARIFFS AND TRADE Special Distribution


Original: English

Committee on Government Procurement

(Tokyo Round Agreement)



Communication from Hong Kong


The following communication, dated 21 December 1995, has been received from the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office.



I refer to the last meeting of the Committee on Government Procurement held on 7 December at which the issue of the co-existence of the 1988 Agreement and the 1996 Agreement was discussed. In this connection, members of the Committee were asked to communicate to the Secretariat their position on a proposal submitted by the European Union by 21 December.

My authorities have given careful consideration to the EU proposal and have asked me to inform you that Hong Kong cannot accept the EU proposal. Our objection is on grounds of principle. We have discussed our concerns with the European Union and indicated to them that we are still open to other suggestions that would address the problem arising from the co-existence of the two Agreements. Accordingly, we would be prepared to continue to discuss the issue at the next Committee meeting.