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Content of the course

The Secretariat of the World Trade Organization is organizing a two-week Specialized Course on the Agreement on Technical Barriers to Trade to be held at WTO headquarters, in Geneva, from 27 October to 7 November 2008. Twenty-five officials from developing countries and economies in transition that are Members (or Governments in accession process) have been selected to participate in the Course.

The purpose of this Specialized Course is to give officials working on TBT issues in capitals an opportunity to broaden their knowledge of the TBT Agreement and improve their understanding of TBT-related trade issues. The Course will comprise a series of sessions and practical exercises related to the provisions of the Agreement and their implementation. The Course will also provide opportunity for participants to attend and observe the 5-6 November regular meeting of the TBT Committee.

The course will be participatory in nature and will encourage active engagement: participants will be called upon to share their national experiences with respect to selected topics. During the course participants will be tutored by a team of WTO Secretariat staff. Delegates to the TBT Committee and representatives from international bodies will be invited to participate in the discussions. Technical visits will also be organized.

For a draft of the programme of the Course click here

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