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Presentación del informe conjunto de la OMC y el PNUMA sobre el comercio y el cambio climático

16 de febrero de 2010

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Informe sobre el Comercio y el Cambio Climático

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Climate Change: The Current State of Knowledge (Anne Olhoff)

  • Climate change and climate change trends: a brief introduction to climate change and the trends and relationship between greenhouse gas emissions and global warming.

  • Climate change impacts: global, regional and sectoral dimensions.

  • Approaches for dealing with climate change: potential, practices, the role of technology and technology transfer.


Trade and Climate Change: Theory and Evidence (Robert Teh)

  • Links between trade and climate change based on the recent economic literature (both theoretical and empirical)

  • The contribution of trade to greenhouse gas emissions mitigation and adaptation.

  • The relative importance of the various modes of transport in international trade and their relevance to climate change.

  • How climate change itself can affect the pattern and volume of international trade flows.


National Policies to Mitigate, and Adapt to, Climate Change and their Trade Implications (Vesile Kulaçoğlu and Ludivine Tamiotti)

  • Price and market mechanisms to internalize environmental cost: carbon taxes, emission trading schemes and the discussion on border measures.

  • Financial mechanisms to promote the development and deployment of climate-friendly goods and technologies, and the increased used of renewable energy: fiscal, price support and investment support measures.

  • Technical requirements to promote the use of climate-friendly goods and technologies: key specifications and compliance tools, e.g. labelling and conformity assessment.


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