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TBT Committee meeting on STCS

The TBT Committee will hold, on an exceptional basis, its 13-14 May 2020 meeting by written procedure focusing only on an exchange of statements on specific trade concerns (STCs) using eAgenda. As laid out in the document JOB/TBT/365, this will not be a virtual meeting, but rather an exchange of statements limited to STCs using eAgenda. The remaining regular agenda items, as well as the planned thematic sessions for May will be reverted to at the Committee’s last meeting of the year, currently scheduled for October.

Written procedure


Phase 1: Annotated draft Agenda

23 March

Annotated draft Agenda eAgenda opens for submission of STCs

  • eAgenda is open for submission of STCs for inclusion in Annotated draft Agenda (AdA).

  • Members can raise, join or withdraw from STCs.

23 April

Annotated draft Agenda eAgenda closes for submission of STCs

  • eAgenda will close for submission of STCs for inclusion in AdA (20 days before meeting, following established procedure: G/TBT/43).

  • An advance copy of the AdA is circulated to Members for review.

28 April

Annotated draft Agenda

Annotated draft Agenda is circulated (15 days before meeting, following established procedure: G/TBT/43)

Phase 2: Written Procedure

13 May - 10 a.m. Geneva time*

Written Procedure

eAgenda reopens for joining STCs at 10 a.m. Geneva time*

  • Members can join or withdraw from STCs listed in the AdA.

  • In addition, Members can raise additional STCs not listed in AdA (following established procedure: G/TBT/43). Any such requests must be submitted to the Secretariat by email.

14 May - 6 p.m. Geneva time*

Written Procedure

eAgenda closes for joining STCs at 6 p.m. Geneva time*

  • eAgenda will close for the joining or withdrawal of STCs.

  • eAgenda will now contain the final list of new and previous STCs, and the Members raising those STCs.

Phase 3: Statements and Minutes

Members can submit and make changes to their statements on STCs.

28 May

Statements and Minutes

eAgenda closes for statements for May 2020 meeting

  • Members will no longer be able to make changes to statements in eAgenda.


Statements and Minutes

Minutes circulated

  • Based on statements submitted by 28 May, TBT Committee minutes (only covering STCs) will be circulated to all Members.


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