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Major decisions and reference documents

These compilations bring together the major Decisions and reference documents regarding the implementation of the Agreement on the Application of Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures.

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Major Decisions and Documents

1.    Agreement on the Application of Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures

2.    Committee's Rules of Procedure

  • Rules of Procedure for Meetings of the Committee on SPS Measures (G/L/170)

  • Rules of Procedure for Sessions of the Ministerial Conference and Meetings of the General Council (WT/L/161)

  • Working Procedures of the Committee (G/SPS/1)

3.    Notification Procedures

  • Recommended Procedures for Implementing the Transparency Obligations of the SPS Agreement (Article 7) (G/SPS/7/REV.2)

  • Notification of Determination of the Recognition of Equivalence of SPS Measures (G/SPS/7/REV.2/ADD.1)

  • Mechanism on unofficial Translations (G/SPS/GEN/487)

4.    Procedure to Monitor the Process of International Harmonization (G/SPS/11/REV.1 and G/SPS/40)

5.    Guidelines to Further the Practical Implementation of Article 5.5 (Consistency) (G/SPS/15)

6.    Decision on the Implementation of Article 4 of the Agreement on the Application of SPS Measures (Equivalence) (G/SPS/19/REV.2)

7.    Ministerial Decision on Implementation-Related Issues and Concerns (WT/MIN(01)/17)

8.    Procedure to Enhance Transparency of Special and Differential Treatment in Favour of Developing Country Members (G/SPS/33 and Add.1)

9.    Report on Proposals for Special and Differential Treatment (G/SPS/35)

10.    Review of the Operation and Implementation of the Agreement on the Application of SPS Measures (G/SPS/36)


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Major Decisions and Documents




Reference Documents

1. Membership in WTO and International Standard-Setting Bodies (G/SPS/GEN/49/Rev.8)

2. Implementation of the Transparency Obligations (Enquiry Point and National Notification Authority) (G/SPS/GEN/27/Rev.17)

3. Observer Status of International Intergovernmental Organizations in the SPS Committee (G/SPS/W/78/Rev.3)

4. Questionnaire on Technical Assistance (G/SPS/W/113)

5. How to get on the SPS e-mail distribution lists

6. WTO Disputes Invoking the SPS Agreement

7. Update on the Operation of the Standards and Trade Development Facility (STDF) (G/SPS/GEN/847)

8. Reports of Special Meetings on:

(a) Risk Analysis (G/SPS/GEN/209)
(b) International Standard-Setting Organizations: Process and Participation (G/SPS/GEN/250)
(c) Operation of Enquiry Points (G/SPS/R/32)
(d) Regionalization (Article 6) (G/SPS/R/38)
(e) Implementation of the SPS Agreement (G/SPS/R/41)
(f) Transparency (G/SPS/R/47)
(g) SPS-Related Capacity Evaluation Tools (G/SPS/R/48)

9. Specific Trade Concerns (G/SPS/GEN/204/Rev.8 and Add.1-3)

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Reference Documents