WTO documents

Much of the detail of the Organization's work is recorded only in the official documents of the councils, committees, working groups etc. These are made available through the Documents Online database, which can be used in several different ways.

> GATT documents

Legal texts of the WTO agreements

The WTO agreements are the founding charter of the organization and the basis for everything the WTO does.

> Browse the legal texts on the main website
(includes explanations and downloads in various formats)

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A separate facility
Documents Online is a separate facility from the main www.wto.org website, so runs in its own browser window and has its own search engine.

GATT documents on the WTO website

GATT documents
(archive at
Stanford University)

Documents Online

There are several ways of using this:

Preconfigured searches on the website’s main pages
Many pages in Trade Topics and other sections contain links within boxes marked “Search Documents Online”. Clicking on the links automatically retrieves lists of relevant documents from Documents Online. You can then select and download the document(s) which interest you.

> help with downloading these documents

The Browse facility of Documents Online
Not sure what series of documents are available? Documents Online includes some automatic searches producing lists of frequently-requested documents such as newest documents, records of WTO bodies’ meetings, documents for meetings, background papers etc.

> use the Documents Online browse facility

Search in Documents Online
You can define the search yourself, if you know the “symbol” (the document code number, usually on the top right of the first page) or other criteria (such as document date or a keyword in the title). But define the search carefully because Documents Online contains over 100,000 documents.

> use the Documents Online search facility


Documents for Meetings
Quick access to the list of meetings of official bodies of the WTO, by date or by subject; retrieve, consult and download documents relating to the meetings cited. Data available from January 2003 onwards.

> use the Documents for meetings facility