WTO news: what’s been happening in the WTO

1999 News items

17.12.99 General Council defers post-Seattle discussion until early 2000
07.12.99 "It is vital to maintain and consolidate what has already been achieved."
(Statement by WTO Director-General Mike Moore)
01.12.99 Moore cites role of legislators in WTO
30.11.99 Seattle conference doomed to succeed, says Moore
30.11.99 Director-General's press statement
30.11.99 Joint statement by the heads of the international monetary fund (IMF), the world bank, and the world trade organization (WTO)
29.11.99 Speech to the Trade Ministers of Least-Developed Countries by Mike Moore, WTO Director-General
29.11.99 The WTO is not a world government and no one has any intention of making it one, Moore tells NGOs
29.11.99 Elements of Cooperation Between the WTO and UNEP
28.11.99 Labour issue is "False debate", obscures underlying consensus, WTO chief Mike Moore tells unions

WTO DG Moore deplores fake WTO websites: They "undermine WTO transparency"

19.11.99 Statement by Ablasse Ouedraogo WTO Deputy Director-General
17.11.99 WTO secretariat releases 1999 annual report
15.11.99 Director-General Moore welcomes US-China deal, but cautions more work remains on China's entry
11.11.99 Statement by Miguel Rodriguez Mendoza, WTO Deputy Director-General

Norway makes contribution to WTO's Global Trust Fund


WTO DG Moore announces selection of four deputies


Challenges for the Global Trading System in the New Millenium - speech delivered by Director-General to the Council on Foreign Relations in Washington, D.C.


The WTO's twelfth Trade Policy Course opens in Geneva


Moore delivers first speech as Director-General:
"Trade for Development - the way ahead"

02.09.99 Moore spells out priorities for Seattle Ministerial Conference
01.09.99 Moore calls for greater efforts to assist poor countries
25.08.99 Director-general designate Mike Moore will visit Hong Kong, China
on 26-27 August 1999
30.07.99 Director-general designate Mike Moore meets ACP Ministers

General Council appoints Moore, Supachai to head WTO for the next 6 years

07.07.99 WTO Symposium to discuss trade prospects and issues facing the Information Technology sector
16.06.99 Non Governmental Organizations Facilities provided to attend the third WTO Ministerial Conference
11.06.99 WTO holds symposium on conformity assessment procedures
21.05.99 Estonia to become 135th member of WTO
04.05.99 Ruggiero urges calm, unity in DG selection process
16.04.99 World trade growth slower in 1998 after unusually strong growth in 1997
08.03.99 Statement by the Director-General - General Council, 8 March 1999
19.03.99 Germany donates DM 1 million to WTO technical assistance fund
17.03.99 Sweden hands over SwF 1 million contribution to WTO technical cooperation activities
17.02.99 TRIPS Council 17 February 1999
US, Japan submit proposal on geographical indications
01.02.99 > DSB establishes three new panels (1 Feb)
> EC, US accept Ruggiero compromise on banana dispute
> Statement by DSB Chairman 1.2.99
> Banana panel recalled to examine EC's implementing measures



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