Import licensing

The Agreement on Import Licensing Procedures says import licensing should be simple, transparent and predictable so as not to become an obstacle to trade.

For example, the agreement requires governments to publish sufficient information for traders to know how and why the licences are granted. It also describes how countries should notify the WTO when they introduce new import licensing procedures or change existing procedures.

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Brief information on import licensing and the WTO
Links to import licensing section of the WTO guide “Understanding the WTO”

Technical information on import licensing


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The mandate

Explanation of agreement on import licensing procedures

Browse or download the text of the “Agreement on Import Licensing” from the legal texts gateway

Find decisions of WTO bodies concerning the Agreement on import licensing in the Analytical Index — Guide to WTO Law and Practice


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Committee on Import Licensing

The Committee on Import Licensing oversees the implementation of the Agreement on Import Licensing and provides a forum for members to raise and address related questions and concerns. The current chair is .

Full details


Import Licensing Procedures Database

The import licensing platform provides easy access to information on WTO members' import licensing procedures.

Import Licensing Notification Portal

Import Licensing Notification Portal allows for online submission of notifications (as from the third quarter of 2023) and provides specific information on WTO notifications on import licensing legislations and procedures, and an annual questionnaire.

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