Support technical assistance and training facilities

A number of products and technical assistance facilities are aimed at providing general and specific support to WTO delegations and beneficiaries, both in the field and in Geneva. In the field, this can include providing infrastructural support, through reference centres which facilitate access to WTO-related information as well as training material. Geneva-based support includes the following:


Geneva-based topic-specific symposia

Several stand-alone symposia for either capital-based or Geneva-based officials take place in Geneva on specific topics which largely reflect suggestions that emerged from various WTO bodies as well as areas that have priority attention in light of the DDA. See the list of activities.



WTO introduction days

WTO introduction days are usually held three times a year in Geneva and are intended for newly arrived delegates in Geneva, non-governmental organizations, new WTO staff members, interns working in the Secretariat and interested officials from other international organizations.



Other forms of Geneva-based support

A variety of different products are provided directly in Geneva: the “Geneva Week” for non-residents Member representatives, the newsletter for non-residents; ad hoc assistance; briefing sessions through video-conferencing; servicing regional groups; advisory role on legal issues. More information here.


Trainee programmes and internships

There are four different components to the WTO internship programme. These programmes vary in nature and duration. They all have the common objective of building human capacities in a systematic and cumulative manner.


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