WTO technical assistance and training

WTO’s Trade-related technical assistance (TRTA) activities and programmes are geared towards sustainable trade capacity-building in beneficiary countries.

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Technical assistance and training are core elements of the development dimension of the Multilateral Trading System, as confirmed by Ministers at Doha (December 2001). This was again underlined and further strengthened at the Ministerial Conference in Hong Kong, China (December 2005).

Within the WTO Secretariat, TRTA is coordinated by the Institute for Training and Technical Cooperation (ITTC), based on the technical assistance and training plans (the TA Plans). The Committee on Trade and Development is the regular body overseeing all TRTA activities.

These web pages follow the logic of the TA Plan, which contains detailed information on all of the WTO Secretariat's TA “products”, as well as on each individual activity. Once date and venue for an activity are confirmed all the relevant information, e.g. objectives, target audience, application requirements, and any relevant reading and training material are summarized in an “activity sheet”.

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Introduction  back to top

The Institute for Training and Technical Cooperation (ITTC)

The Technical Assistance Management Committee (TAMC)

Financing of TRTA


The mandate  back to top

The WTO mandate to carry out technical cooperation activities is provided for in various WTO agreements and decisions. This mandate was clarified and further enhanced in several paragraphs of the Doha Ministerial Declaration.

Doha mandate
Doha mandate explained
Special and differential provisions
Hong Kong Ministerial Declaration (paragraphs 52-54)


WTO TRTA in collaboration with other agencies  back to top

The WTO manages several technical cooperation programmes in collaboration with other international agencies. More information.


Monitoring and evaluation   back to top

In April 2001, a new function, the Technical Cooperation Audit, was created in the Secretariat. The responsibility of the unit charged with this function is to ensure that the very significant financial and human resources engaged in WTO-administered technical assistance and training programmes are used to optimum effect. It provides feedback to the Members, to the Secretariat (the technical assistance providers), and to donors to WTO's funds for trade-related technical assistance and capacity building. For this purpose, it uses a methodology developed specifically with WTO's programmes in mind, and submits an
annual report to the CTD. 


WTO TRTA activities: the products matrix   back to top

The products matrix lists all TRTA activities included in the annual TA Plan. From this page, you can also access relevant information for each activity, which is contained in so-called “activity sheets”.


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ITTC Newsletter

List of activities for 2014/2015

List of activities for 2012/2013

> Technical Assistance Plan 2014/2015

The products
> General WTO-related technical assistance and training
> Specialized and advanced technical assistance and training
> Academic support for training and capacity building: an integrated approach
> Trainee programmes and internships
> ECampus


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