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COPROGENY (Cameroon).

COPROGENY is an agricultural cooperative in Enyeng focused on promoting agro-pastoral activities and the enhancement of agricultural value chains. COPROGENY supervises producers of cassava and assists them to process their production into semi-processed outputs like cassava sticks and flour. Through a partnership with KAFARM Industry, COPROGENY facilitates the sale of cassava derivatives on international markets.

  • Project Title: Capacity Building Support for Women Cassava Producers to Improve the Quality and Quantity of Competitive Cassava-Derived Products on the International Market
  • Description: This project will work with women cassava farmers in Cameroon to improve their technical and professional skills, provide training on compliance specifications and delivery methods, and access to government and international support. The participants will attend written sessions and practical training workshops in production processes, quality control, packaging, conservation, logistics, management, negotiation, and traceability.
small business champions winners
small business champions winners

Hey Success Virtual Assistance Services (Philippines)

HeySuccess is a training management outsourcing (TMO) firm for end-to-end Learning and Development (L&D) requirements that serves as a partner in filling training gaps, helping reduce costs while strengthening an organization's internal resilience and improving its scalability through education. HeySuccess is also a partner with farmer’s organisations in the Benguet province of the Philippines such as the Benguet Community-Based Forest Management Association, Inc. (BCBFMA) and other local small businesses.

  • Project Title: Agripreneurship
  • Description: Focused in Benguet Province, HeySuccess Virtual Assistance services will develop a three-module training course in local languages for participants on digital literacy, agripreneurship, and sales and marketing skills to access international markets. In addition to basic computer skills, the first module will train attendees on financial and project management. The second module will focus on agriculture 4.0, the UN Sustainable Development Goals, branding and marketing. The third module will look at international markets and using ecommerce marketplaces.
small business champions winners
small business champions winners is a Nigerian marketplace for start-ups and entrepreneurs to connect with teams, tools and financing to facilitate their businesses. provides a blockchain financing option, data management and monetization systems that allow users to access guaranteed funding for every work done on their businesses.'s vision is to Facilitate Entrepreneurship, Markets And Lasting Economic Solutions and our goal is to build the largest entrepreneurship ecosystem supporting inclusive business models.

  • Project Title: Funding and Market Readiness Program for Agribusinesses
  • Description: The project plans to train and support agricultural entrepreneurs on access to funding through a pitching competition to scale-up their production as well as their access to international markets. The initial pilot targets 100 agribusiness owners and will consist of three months of Virtual Business Development and Training Support covering idea development; guaranteed funding for all participants based on work done on their businesses; development of a solid Agric Ecosystem consisting of investors, farmers, processors and marketers and engagement of policymakers to aid global trade.
small business champions winners small business champions winners



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