Business, trade and the WTO

Business, trade and the WTO have always been closely connected. The biggest beneficiary of transparent and predictable trade rules and obligations is the private sector. Without business, there would be no trade and no WTO. Business is an important interlocutor for both governments and the WTO. It is actively involved in the multilateral trading system and participates in public activities of the WTO. 

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Interview: Trade figures 2013

Debate: Business and the WTO

WTO — ICC joint press conference — highlights

Business and the WTO


 World Trade Agenda initiative

The World Trade Agenda initiative is a global project to engage business in providing a practical approach to reaching agreements in the WTO.

> ICC World Trade Agenda Conference
> Lamy hails ICC’s World Trade Agenda initiative
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In a recent WTO survey of the business community, over 80 per cent of businesses welcomed the idea of having a dedicated webpage with information tailored to their interests and needs. This is why this web page has been created. We hope that you find it useful.


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The WTO's databases and publications provide extensive access to trade and tariff data.

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The WTO regularly publishes reports on trade developments around the world as well as on the trade policies and practices of individual WTO members.

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 Ninth Ministerial

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 Public Forum 2013

Sessions for businesses:

> The role of governments in trade and the digital economy
> Transformational evolution in trade finance: technology meets business proposition in the new Bank Payment Obligation
> Creating a marketplace for digital content
> What factors accelerate innovation and technology diffusion? Cross-sectoral business perspectives
> The Internet as the world's trading platform: how and why is it so successful?
> ICT trade challenges in the context of nascent digital economy
> The digital revolution in services: consequences, challenges and directions for the international trading system
> Making the digital economy work for small businesses: customs and delivery as trade enablers
> Towards a digital economy for all: empowering consumers to drive technology-enabled trade
> How to regulate energy trade?
> Re-inventing innovation through public-private partnership
> ICC World Trade Agenda business priorities to move “beyond Doha”)
> Made in the world: how can trade policy be adapted to global value chains?
> Promoting technological capacity-building and enhancing trade competitiveness in Asian economies
> Bringing technological innovation to trade: the perspective of supply chains and value chain management

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