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NGO position papers received by the WTO Secretariat

The NGO position papers listed below were received before 1June 2001

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New Momentum for the WTO

(English only)

Bundesverband der Deutschen Industrie e.V. (BDI)

Priorities of CELCAA for the Multilateral Agricultural Negotiations

(English only)

Comité Européen de Liaison des Commerces Agro-Alimentaires (CELCAA)

CIAA priorities for the WTO Agricultural Negotiations

(English only)

Confédération des industries agro-alimentaires de l'UE (CIAA)

Joint Statement calling for a New WTO Round

(English only)

Coalition of Service Industries (CSI) &

European Services Forum (ESF) &

Japan Services Network (JSN)

Letter addressed to all WTO Member countries expressing concern for the cruel international animal transports

(English only)

Friends of the Animals International

Liberalization of trade in insurance services

(English only)

Liberalization of trade in financial services

(English only)

International Chamber of Commerce (ICC)

Statement on the Agenda for the 4th Ministerial Conference of the World Trade Organization

Download in MS Word, 4 pages, 41KB

International Confederation of Free Trade Unions (ICFTU)

Statement on Facilitating SMEs in the Global Marketplace

(English only)

Statement on Financial Services Regulation

(English only)

Statement in Support of a Balanced WTO Agenda

(English only)

Statement on Food Safety

(English only)

Statement on Environmental Issues

(English only)

Pacific Basin Economic Council (PBEC)