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NGO position papers received by the WTO Secretariat

The NGO position papers listed below were received before 14 June 2004.

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Agriculture — A Litmus Test for Development & Right to Food
(English only — also available electronically, word format, 52KB)
APRODEV — Germany
WTO Negotiations in Agriculture — Balancing public policy and trade liberalization — a Canadian Perspective
(English (349KB) and French (366KB) — also available electronically, pdf format)
Canadian dairy, poultry and egg producers — Canada
Reviving the DDA after Cancún
(English (349KB)/ French (70KB) / German (73KB) — also available electronically, word format)
Foreign Trade Association — Belgium
World business and the multilateral trading system
(English only — also available electronically, pdf format, 200KB)
International Chamber of Commerce — France
The right to food has priority over patent protection — no patent on life
(English / Spanish only)
International Kolping Society (IKS) — Germany
Dumping on the world — How EU sugar policies hurt poor countries
(English only)
Oxfam International — Switzerland