NGO position papers received by the WTO Secretariat

The NGO position papers listed below were received before 18 May 2005.

Downloadable files in Word and PDF format.

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Objectives for the WTO Negotiations in 2004
(English only — also available electronically (word format, 126KB)

Confederation of Swedish Enterprise — Sweden

Position and Recommendations on Trade Facilitation May 2004 (pdf format, 27KB)

Tariff Elimination for Industrial Goods: Why the Gains Will Far Outweigh Any Losses (pdf format, 282KB)

NFTC Position and Recommendations on The Doha Development Agenda (pdf format, 374KB)

Looking Behind the Curtain: The Growth of Trade Barriers that Ignore Sound Science (pdf format, 846KB) + Executive Summary (pdf format, 244KB)

“Enlightened” Environmentalism or Disguised Protectionism? Assessing the Impact of EU Precaution-Based Standards on Developing Countries (pdf format, 700KB) + Executive Summary (pdf format, 257KB)

EU Regulation, Standardization and the Precautionary Principle: The Art of Crafting a Three-Dimensional Trade Strategy That Ignores Sound Science (pdf format, 544KB) + Executive Summary (pdf format, 131KB)

(All documents English only — also available electronically)
National Foreign Trade Council — USA
The Doha Deindustrialisation Agenda: Non-Agricultural Market Access Negotiations at the WTO
(English only — also available electronically, pdf format, 4612KB)
War on Want — UK
Dumping Food Aid: Trade or Aid? (subsidized) Food Aid in kind: what is in it for the WTO
(English only — also available electronically, pdf format, 182KB)
Wemos Foundation — The Netherlands