Poken — a new way of exchanging

This year's Public Forum is to be enhanced by the introduction of “Poken” — an innovative and simple USB stick aimed at eliminating paper waste and boosting networking opportunities. On arrival, all participants will receive their own device to allow them to collect digital information from smart tags displayed at various points within the WTO.

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Collect useful information about the Public Forum as well as relevant WTO publications and videos by simply touching one of these tags with your Poken USB stick. By touching your device to another participant's Poken, you will also be able to exchange your “virtual” business card details, and sync them with your phone or Outlook address book. Poken USB sticks glow green when contact has been made. At the end of the Forum, you will have collected a rich resource of digital information, including the contact details of all the participants you have met. So no more need for exchanging business cards and much less paper waste!

Competition: win an iPad by networking with your Poken

At the end of the Public Forum an iPad will be awarded to the most networked individual. You will receive one point each time you network (touch Pokens) with people of the same profile, and three points each time you network with people of a different profile.

Example: you are a business representative. You get one point for networking with another business representative, and three points for networking with an academic, NGO representative, lawyer, parliamentarian or any other the other profiles.

Important note: for your contacts to be counted you must “sync” your Poken. You can do this by plugging it into an internet-connected PC, or handing it to one of the Poken staff at the Forum. Please be sure to do this shortly before the end  of the Forum.

The prize will be awarded at the end of the closing session. You must sync your Poken by 18:00 Geneva time on Wednesday 26 September for your contacts to be counted.

You will also have the chance to provide feedback with a “touch survey”. Simply touch your Poken to clearly identified “survey” tags at each session.

We hope that this simple and “green” technology will make your Forum experience modern, fun and efficient!



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