Agriculture negotiations news archive

Note: news on the Cotton Sub-Committee can be found here.

18.12.2005 Hong Kong Ministerial Conference: Ministers agree on declaration that ‘puts Round back on track’
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29.11.2005 Find the ‘last bridge’ urgently farm talks chairperson tells negotiators in pre-Hong Kong report
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26.11.2005 Lamy submits draft ministerial text for Hong Kong
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28.07.2005 Farm talks chairperson reports to Trade Negotiations Committee
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18.07.2005 Africans keep up pressure for progress on cotton by end of July
22.06.2005 Africans call for response to cotton proposal as attention turns to end-July farm paper
29.04.2005 African Group proposes cotton distortions scrapped by September
22.03.2005 Sub-committee starts work, looking at farm talks and development aspects of cotton
19.11.2004 Sub-committee set up on cotton
01.08.2004 Round-the-clock meetings produce ‘historic’ breakthrough
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> July 2004 package
04.06.2004 Supachai commends negotiators, urges more progress
13.09.2003 The “Derbez Text” and its Annex A, circulated in Cancún
31.08.2003 The pre-Cancún draft and its Annex A, circulated in Geneva
07.07.2003 Agriculture modalities ‘remain elusive’, negotiations chairperson reports to TNC
31.03.2003 Farm talks miss deadline; but ‘work must go on’, says Supachai
18.03.2003 Revised ‘modalities’ draft circulated
12.03.2003 ‘Modalities’ first draft circulated
18.12.2002 Chairperson's overview paper of ‘modalities’ proposals
27.03.2002 WTO agriculture negotiators set schedule to meet 12-month ‘modalities’ deadline
27.04.2001 Significant trade barriers remain after Uruguay Round, says new WTO secretariat study on market access in industrial products, agricultural trade and services
27.03.2001 WTO agriculture negotiations move swiftly to ‘phase 2’
22.02.2001 Agriculture's stake in WTO trade negotiations, WTO chief Mike Moore's speech at the Agricultural outlook forum 2001, Washington DC
06.06.2000 WTO chief Mike Moore on WTO negotiations: agriculture and developing countries
27.03.2000 Talks reach swift agreement on ‘phase 1’



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