10 July 2003

5th Specialized Course on WTO Dispute Settlement Rules and Procedures

30 June – 4 July 2003

Twenty-nine government officials completed, on 4 July 2003, a five-day immersion into the rules and procedures governing the WTO Dispute Settlement Mechanism. For one week the participants were actively involved in the various training sessions organized under the auspices of the WTO Institute for Training and Technical Cooperation and with the active support of the Secretariat of the Appellate Body.

The course traditionally starts with an introduction to the WTO and its basic principles. It then focuses on the Dispute Settlement Mechanism. Participants are rapidly engaged in simulation exercises which allow them to develop practical knowledge and skills throughout the various steps of the dispute resolution. An update on recent developments in the area of the ongoing negotiations on the Dispute Settlement Understanding in the context of the “Doha Development Agenda” concluded this one-week long training.

Though the group of participants was composed mainly of government officials from developing countries, least-developed countries and economies in transition, some developed countries were also represented as this particular training activity was organized under Art. 27.3 of the Understanding on Rules and Procedures Governing the Settlement of Disputes, which foresees that training is to be provided to all WTO Members. A complete list of participants is attached.

For the first time, this course was conducted only in English. From a logistic point of view, the course was easier to organize since no interpretation was required. The interaction among participants also went smoother than in a trilingual course because there were no language barriers between them.

The WTO Institute for Training and Technical Cooperation will organize similar courses in October and in November 2003 in French and in English. A course in Spanish will take place in 2004. This training on dispute settlement is one of the numerous activities organized by the WTO ITTC. Currently 30 government officials participate to the three-month 25th Regular Trade Policy Course. On Monday 14th July a three-week course entitled “Pre-Cancun Course on WTO” will be held in French for French-speaking African countries.

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30 June – 4 July 2003

5th Specialized Course on WTO Dispute Settlement Rules and Procedures

Argentina Mr. Ignacio TORTEROLA, Secretary of Embassy, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Buenos Aires
Australia Mrs. Helen STYLIANOU, Executive Officer, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, WDS/TLB/OTN, RG Casey Building, Barton, ACT 0221
Bangladesh Mr. A. K. M. Fazlur RAHMAN, Trade Consultant, Ministry of Commerce, Bangladesh Secretariat, Dhaka
Barbados Miss Natalie BURKE, First Secretary, Permanent Mission of Barbados, Geneva
China Mr. Qi ZHANG, Official, Department for WTO Affairs, Ministry of Commerce, MOFTEC, Beijing
Czech Republic Mr. Jan ZAJICEK, Desk Officer, Department of International Economics Organizations, Ministry of Industry and Trade, Praha
Dominican Republic Miss Gladys Josefina AQUINO, Counsellor, Permanent Mission of the Dominican Republic, Geneva
Ecuador Mrs. Mireya MUÑOZ, Counsellor, Permanent Mission of Ecuador, Geneva
Estonia Mr. Martin LÄÄN, Attaché, External Economic Policy Department, Division of Multilateral Relations, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Tallinn
European Commission Mrs. Marjorie NIFFE, Administrator, Directorate General for Trade, WTO Dispute Settlement Unit, European Commission, Brussels, Belgium
European Commission Mr. James FLETT, Commission Official, Legal Service, European Commission,  Brussels, Belgium
France Mr. Hervé DROUET, Counsellor (Legal Affairs), French Delegation to WTO, Geneva
Hong Kong, China Mr. Ka Chun NG, Trade Officer, Asia Division, Trade and Industry Department, Mongkok
Japan Mr. Kenya UEHARA, Official, Dispute Settlement Section, First International Organization Division, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Tokyo
Korea Mr. Chang-Nyun KIM, Deputy Director, Multilateral Trade Cooperation Division, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Seoul
Myanmar Ms Mya Mya SEIN, Staff Officer, Directorate of Trade, Ministry of Commerce, Yangon 
Philippines Mrs. Magdalena CASUGA, Director, ACPC & Trade Remedies Office, Department of Agriculture, Pasig City
Romania Mrs. Liana-Cristina VASILESCU, Legal Adviser, Trade Remedies Instruments Division, Department of Foreign Trade, Government of Romania, Bucharest
Singapore Mr. Theng Kok TAN, State Counsel, International Affairs Division, Attorney-General Chambers, Singapore
Sri Lanka Mr. Darayatna SILVA, Minister (Economic and Commercial), Economic and Commercial Division, Permanent Mission of Sri Lanka, Geneva
Sweden Miss Frida COLLSTE, Second Secretary, WTO Section, Swedish Permanent Mission to Geneva, Geneva
Chinese Taipei Miss Bih-Chyi MEI, Staff Member, Department of Multilateral Trade Affairs, Board of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Taipei
Thailand Miss Athita KOMINDR, Trade Officer, Bureau of Multilateral Trade Negotiations, Department of Trade Negotiations, Ministry of Commerce, Bangkok 
Turkey Mr. Mehmet TAN, Commercial Counsellor, Permanent Mission of Turkey, Geneva
Uganda Mr. Mukaga Charles OUNDO, Foreign Service Officer, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Kampala
United Kingdom Miss Jo LOMAS, Second Secretary (WTO/ECONOMIC), Mission of the United Kingdom, Geneva
United States of America Mr. Stanford McCOY, Assistant General Counsel, Office of the United States Trade Representative, Washington DC
Zambia Mr. Trevor SICHOMBO, Economist, Ministry of Commerce, Trade and Industry, Lusaka
Zimbabwe Mr. Richard CHIBUWE, Counsellor, Permanent Mission of Zimbabwe, Geneva