Members notified services sectors and modes of supply where they will be granting preferences to services and services suppliers from least-developed countries (LDCs). Members had agreed to endeavour to notify their preferences no later than 31 July 2015. Preferences include easing access to their markets in response to a collective request that the WTO LDCs group submitted on 21 July 2014.

The notifiying members are:

The European Union and Chile communicated to the Council for Trade in Services their intention to notify preferences as soon as their domestic procedures are completed.

Ministers adopted in 2013 in Bali a decision to encourage WTO members in a position to do so to make use of the LDC Services Waiver adopted in 2011. The waiver will remain in place for fifteen years from the date of its adoption. At a high-level meeting on 5 February, over 25 members had indicated services sectors and modes of supply from LDCs to which they would give preferential treatment. Members can implement preferential treatment related to market access (Article XVI of the WTO General Agreement on Trade in Services) once they have notified the Council for Trade in Services. Preferential treatment regarding any other measure is subject to approval by the Council.

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For the current number of notifications under the LDC Services Waiver see here.


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