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The Index, which is freely available via the WTO website, is divided into files on an article-by-article basis for all WTO agreements. These files cover “jurisprudence" - relevant WTO Appellate Body reports, panel reports, and arbitral awards and decisions - and “practice" - including relevant decisions and other significant activities of WTO committees, councils and other relevant WTO bodies.

The new format will allow for continual updating of the relevant files to reflect the latest jurisprudence and developments in practice. The vast majority of the files in this new version of the Analytical Index have been updated to reflect the situation as of early 2018. The limited number of files that have not yet been updated currently reflect the information contained in the print edition of the Analytical Index, which was published in 2011. These files will be updated as and when resources permit.

The Index includes for the first time the Agreement on Trade Facilitation, which entered into force in February 2017. It also covers the amended Agreement on Government Procurement of 2012. In addition, the platform incorporates the contents of the GATT Analytical Index (1995) under the relevant GATT provisions.

The WTO Analytical Index was previously made available as a printed publication, with updates provided in the form of electronic-only supplements. The new electronic-only edition updates and replaces these previous versions.

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