Amb. Walker had communicated to members on 18 May that absent any objections he would start the process on 25 May. However, the Chair received on 20 May a specific objection and a request to delay the process by two weeks. He was not informed of any other reservations so the opening date for nominations was reset for 8 June. 

On 14 May Director-General Azevêdo informed members at an informal Heads of Delegation meeting that he intended to step down on 31 August 2020, a year before his term was to have expired.

At the end of the special General Council meeting held on 15 May 2020, the Chair of the General Council indicated he would engage with members, with a view to initiating as soon as possible a process for the appointment of a new Director-General, as set out in the Procedures for the Appointment of Directors-General adopted by the General Council in 2002 (WT/L/509).  

As indicated in the communication that the Chair of the General Council circulated to members on 20 May, the process started on 8 June (JOB/GC/230).  In line with the procedures, members will have one month — until 8 July — to submit nominations. Nominations can only be submitted by WTO members and only on behalf of “their own nationals”. The Chair will inform WTO members of nominations as soon as they are received.

After 8 July, Chair Walker will issue to members a consolidated list of all candidates. Shortly after the nomination period has closed, candidates will be invited to meet with members at a special General Council meeting, present their views and take questions from the membership.





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