The General Council ePortal (GCeP) contains all matters that have been taken up in General Council meetings since its inception in 1995, by calendar year.

In particular, the portal gives access to a database of issues raised and discussed in the General Council and, where applicable, associated documents and decisions, either issued as separate documents or recorded in the minutes of the General Council.

An additional search tool and filters have also been created to facilitate the retrieval of relevant matters and documents. For example, this tool will allow users to filter only for matters where a relevant General Council decision was taken.

The GCeP can be accessed at

The General Council is entrusted with carrying out the functions of the WTO, and taking action necessary to this effect, in the intervals between meetings of the Ministerial Conference, in addition to carrying out the specific tasks assigned to it by the Marrakesh Agreement Establishing the World Trade Organization

More information on the General Council is available here.




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