WTO news: what’s been happening in the WTO

1 February 2001

“The WTO is now at your fingertips” — says Mike Moore at the launch of the new documents online database

Greater public access to the World Trade Organization (WTO) will be possible with the launch on 1 February 2001 of a new document database accessible through the Organization's recently re-designed website at www.wto.org.

“The WTO is now at your fingertips,” said WTO Director-General Mike Moore. “With over 100,000 official documents in English, French and Spanish, the new on-line database is part of the ongoing efforts to make the Organization more accessible and to make its work more transparent for a worldwide public. Anyone interested in international trade will find the new database an invaluable tool in their search for a deeper understanding of the WTO.”

The WTO website attracts an average of 250,000 users per month from over 160 countries. These users download thousands of documents and data from the site. The new on-line database has been designed specifically to further enhance user-friendliness, offering faster and more efficient tools to search for, and download, WTO documents, including Member Governments’ proposals and official records of meetings.

New documents will be added to the database on a daily basis, continually supplementing the wide range of explanatory material available on the WTO website as a whole.