WTO news: what’s been happening in the WTO

2001 Press Releases

Date Title
20.12.01 Moore outlines successes of 2001, roadmap for 2002
20.12.01 Germany contributes DM 1 million to WTO technical assistance
19.12.01 New Appellate Body members sworn in
18.12.01 First WTO course for Commonwealth countries ends
14.12.01 Moore offers condolences to people of India
03.12.01 18th WTO trade policy course concludes
27.11.01 WTO Members report on anti-dumping activity
23.11.01 Moore meets with agencies on technical assistance
23.11.01 Sweden gives CHF 1.2m to help least-developed countries
21.11.01 WTO launches the Joint Consultative Board for WTO-related training
14.11.01 Ministerial Conference ends with agreement on new programme
11.11.01 Agencies to boost developing countries' participation in setting food safety and related norms
11.11.01 WTO Ministerial Conference approves accession of Chinese Taipei
10.11.01 WTO Ministerial Conference approves China's accession
09.11.01 Broad negotiations agenda needed for weak world economy — Moore
28.10.01 Moore says draft texts form solid basis for Ministerial negotiations
25.10.01 World trade slows sharply in 2001 — WTO report
27.09.01 Moore praises draft texts, urges WTO governments to move forward
26.09.01 Moore and Qatar's Min. Kamal reaffirm commitment to a successful Doha outcome
25.09.01 WTO appoints new Appellate Body members
18.09.01 Officials start new trade policy course
18.09.01 Chinese Taipei's membership deal struck
17.09.01 WTO successfully concludes negotiations on China's entry
14.09.01 “Geneva Week” focuses on preparations for Doha
10.09.01 Moore urges completion of work on China and Chinese Taipei accessions

647 non-governmental organizations eligible to attend the Doha ministerial

01.08.01 Moore hails implementation breakthrough
23.07.01 Moore hails G-8 pledges on development and poverty alleviation
16.07.01 17th WTO trade policy course concludes
05.07.01 Moore appoints advisory panel on WTO affairs
04.07.01 Moore welcomes progress on China accession to the WTO
04.07.01 Korea announces contribution to WTO Technical Assistance
25.06.01 WTO members to press on, following ‘rich debate’ on medicines
21.06.01 Moore welcomes China-EU agreement on Chinese accession to WTO
15.06.01 TRIPS: New WIPO-WTO initiative to help world’s poorest countries
12.06.01 Moore welcomes China-US agreement on Chinese accession
08.06.01 Moore calls for greater parliamentary scrutiny of WTO
23.05.01 WTO Secretariat releases 2001 Annual report
18.05.01 WTO symposium to focus on issues confronting the world trading system
18.05.01 Moore hails spirit of co-operation among ministers for Doha success
14.05.01 Wealthy nations and agencies must step up efforts to help the “poorest of the poor” — Moore
09.05.01 Spain helps fund WTO course for Latin American officials
08.05.01 General Council approves accession of Moldova
27.04.01 Significant trade barriers remain after Uruguay Round, says new WTO Secretariat study
25.04.01 17th WTO Trade Policy Course opens in Geneva
11.04.01 Experts: Affordable medicines for poor countries are feasible
10.04.01 Moore congratulates WTO trade course graduates
10.04.01 WTO's technical assistance gets a boost from Hong Kong, China
02.04.01 Services negotiations enter new bargaining phase
30.03.01 Moore and Putin upbeat on Russia's membership bid
27.03.01 WTO agriculture negotiations move swiftly to ‘phase 2’
27.03.01 Trade programme for poorest countries gets $4.5-million boost
19.03.01 WTO, WHO convene workshop on affordable drugs
27.02.01 Moore applauds free access for LDC exports by EU
27.02.01 Tourism Symposium at the WTO
22.02.01 Moore welcomes Bush Administration support for new round
19.02.01 Moldova concludes membership negotiations
19.02.01 WTO and World Bank release book on internationalization of financial services
09.02.01 WTO elects officers for 2001
01.02.01 “The WTO is now at your fingertips” — Moore
16.01.01 WTO starts 16th trade policy course



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